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Collection name: The Vaginal Seasons

Artist: Ira

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- Selected artist listing

- First collection launch

Join our community in Twitter and Instagram. Discover a glimpse of our first collection


- First collection sales start

- OpenSea collection listing and open trading

- More community channels

- More artists

Available to trade in OpenSea 1b1 Community in Discord


- Release new collections with distinctive artist

- Enable quick link to OpenSea / Rarible from my collection

- Improve artist detail page

- More artists

Available to download the Hi-Res file for digital usage for 1b1 NFT holder


- Improve UX/UI platform design

- Launch NFT printing service

- Implement printing verification system

- More artists

Available to print NFT with gallery quality printing and worldwide delivery to your door

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The user will receive the token ERC-1155 standard for their purchased NFT artwork.

The NFT ERC-1155 standard will be minted each time a user agrees to purchase the selected item, which means a single token forever.

Gas fees are like transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain. When you make transactions, such as transfering crypto to another wallet or purchasing an NFT on 1b1, you'll need enough ETH in your wallet for the initial transaction and the associated gas fees. Fees may vary depending on the network usage at that time.

1b1 is safe to use. It is a non-custodial platform that allows you to interact with ERC-1155 contracts, but never asks for your private keys. Once you buy the desired NFT, you are free to trade it on or send it to a friend. The platform is as secured as your wallet as most of the other high quality DeFi applications.

1b1 is an all in one primary market for NFT arts where collectors can browse their favorite artists’ work, purchase it, print. 1b1 offers a launchpad of quality art from well-known artists around the world. It also stores a high resolution file in which only the collector who purchases it has access to for printing. 1b1 allows collectors to make money off of the art by staking it. The collectors can earn from the public that prints the artwork they own. It is an all in one shop for quality NFT arts that offers a service from the start to finish for collectors and art lovers.

1b1 allows for NFT to integrate with the physical world by allowing services such as art printing and worldwide shipping, which in return generates more revenue for both the NFT owners and the artists.

1b1 printing partner are the only ones who hold access to the high resolution files for printing.

A collector can use 1b1 as a market platform to browse and purchase NFT arts from quality artists, generate more income from staking their NFTs, print their favorite arts in premium quality and support their favorite artists.

Go to 1b1 platform to connect crypto wallet and Metamask with 1b1 page. Browse the available art collections and select the art work you’d like to purchase or choose ‘auto-select’ for the random function. Proceed to purchase the NFT.

You can use 1b1 platform as an art gallery to display and sell your artwork. 1b1 helps turn arts into assets and allow artists to make money from both NFT and printed arts, serving collectors from both worlds.

The owner of the NFT will receive the money and the fees will be collected for the platform and the artist.

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